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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


At least here in the wonderful USA, for many decades now, in our freshman year of high school, they have us read a book called Lord of the Flies. It is about how when left to their own devices, isolated on a tropical island and unable to be retrieved, a group of young teen boys breaks into two tribes, and begins to slaughter each other. Of course, the entire conflict is set off by one boy’s vision of a disgusting pig’s head on a stick, who he aptly labels the “Lord of the Flies”.

Well, he brings this “vision” back to his tribe, and begins to make all these fanciful stories up about how to kill all the boys in the other tribe, because this powerful lord has given him the wisdom to know exactly how to do it. Plus, they require the knowledge they need to save their own hide. Well, the funny thing about this book is that while it was written many decades ago, by a man named William Golding, it was proven in an actual social experiment many years later.

Taking the concept from that book, and not even worrying about the male side of it, or the freaky pig’s head side of it, they just asked for collegiate age volunteers who had a few weeks to kill one summer, to see if they were willing to participate in a ground-breaking experiment. Of course, none of the participants knew any of the other participants and were all “collected” from separate schools around the country.

After the scientists had an equal number of college students, all they did was place them on two different sides of an island. Not an enormous island, but sizeable enough. The scientists gave them no instruction. The students asked what they were supposed to do. The scientists merely said not to worry, we will pick you up in a couple weeks. Then off they went in their boats.

However, the big secret was that the scientists already were quite certain they knew what would happen because they had played out the scenario in mathematical models based on historical accounts of conflicts between different countries over many years. But as science always wants to do, ALWAYS wants to do is prove they are correct, based on their theories.

When they returned, one group of students was completely dead, and the other was completely alive, purely because the scientists were right. The students had proven the US vs. THEM concept AKA the fact that when people are separated by any type of divide, whether it be distance, commonality, cultural doctrine, religious doctrine, intellect level…whichever group is able to obtain an advantage over the other faster, WILL, and then do their best to completely and totally kill them.

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