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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Take a peek at that cash or coin sitting in your pants pocket or purse pouch. Take a good long look at it. First, pick out the words on it. The words say something to the effect of: In God We Trust. Then look at that currency some. It has symbols on it, some random coding that you have to research in order to understand, and then it has a historical figurehead. Now here is the real bit of information I want you to just swallow down like a meal: That currency looks about the same as it did thousands of years ago, country to country. It has never really changed.

Why does currency not change? Well, it is a programming tool, and now in the techno-age, it is a tracking tool as well. It tells things to our minds when we look at it. It tells us that we can trust in a disembodied invisible entity that supposedly runs our complete reality, and it tells us there is a human figurehead, or multiple ones from the past, that have helped to keep that reality sewn together so it doesn’t fall apart. Hence we have this wonderful thing called money that we can hold in our hands, and hand to another human being or organization, and then they will give us something important, in fact, sometimes the only thing that is important…food.

Do you know how to grow food? If you had to, could you care for a milking cow, or beef cow, or maybe plant a row of tomatoes…and not screw up the whole process? Or could you even take a rod and reel, and just saunter down to the local river, and walk away with a few salmon or catfish, probably the best fish to just slice down and cook a little, and then toss chunks of it down your throat? For most people, the answers are no, so we are told we need something called currency.

As we exit high school or college or the military, we are typically told to go find a job or start a business. Well, the usual advice is such: find a job you can get, and then get up for and get to, every single day for a few years. Then maybe if you are lucky the people in power at your organization, whether it be a public or private organization, might force you to work more, tell you it is a good thing, and then tell you the excuse for this “improvement” is more currency. The same goes for owning a business. You are told you must collect investors, aka people you are borrowing money from, or people you are asking to throw money at you on the off chance you can figure out a scam no other business has succeeded at, like selling people bottles of water when it is the same as tap water. Then, when your business succeeds, at least you are allowed to keep a fraction of the massive amount of work you have done to produce…nothing the world has not seen before.

So, what we begin to understand is that currency is a psychology trick that we play into. We look at it. Feel better. We put it in the bank, feel better. Pretend that it can possibly save us from death or extend our lives by paying for exceptional medical care, so we feel better. We pay for better education for our kids with it, so we feel better about their future, and possibly our own because we hope our kids may do a good job of stewarding our future should we need it due to any one of several things that happens to humans. What we begin to realize currency is, in truth, is a feel better machine. It makes you feel good.

Without feeling good, what would we have? Well, we might have the truth. We might realize it was never there in the first place. All these actions, pros and cons and pluses and minuses, all would have happened anyway, except the government and banks would not have been able to inject their programming and tracking into our lives. Hence the best decision is to use the currency to your heart’s desire, but know that it does not exist, never did, and if you do anything with it, use it to manipulate the government and banks to the highest degree possible, but not other people.

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