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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


In the USA, high school is all you need. Surprised? Well, here is the problem folks.

Everyone seems to be studying intense subjects because they want to hammer bigger checks. Everyone. The priests, the politicians, the professors. Those jobs where you think they want to help people, is usually just done so they can have a steak instead of a chicken. Pretty sad really, but quite true.

Now, the best move for anyone coming directly out of high school is to start buying and selling things. I do not mean stock. I do not mean something illegal. I mean anything. Get your brain geared towards buying and selling because when you climb the ranks of any profession, that is what you do anyway. So, if you start doing that now, you are better off. Plus, you do not blast your parents’ savings on a college education that is diluted with tons of scams and terrible risks.

I did get a Bachelor of Science myself, but in business/technology from a cheap school down the street from my parents’ house where I lived. Plus, I had free tuition because my dad was a disabled veteran. So, I had to pay for books and food, and that was it. If I moved through fast enough, everything was fine. By the time I finished college, I was the only guy I knew who was not in debt and had a stack of cash saved up from a job I enjoyed fixing computers for the state of California.

Listen, if you want to cut people open for a living and pretend it is holy or something, that is great. But we all just work for checks. The fastest way to get to the biggest check is to buy and sell at the earliest age possible. Do not borrow. Do not go to jail. Do not get killed. If you need help, find ANYONE who might be able to offer ADVICE. But only FREE advice. Then just keep going guys. Because…EDUCATION past HIGH SCHOOL in the USA…is a scam.

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