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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Government Leaders

So, you walk into your voting booth, slide the curtain, or twist the knob, or push the button, whatever you want to put in that phrase. Something happens. Then boom…in a few days there some random person running your municipality.

Well, unfortunately, this not nearly how the system works. The system is so rigged it is disgusting to most of the adults in the country who know what is going on.

Have you heard of a place called Broward County Florida? Well, Broward County Florida has an organized system of corruption built to swing the entire state of Florida for the Republican party during absolutely every presidential race. The younger folks who read this book may not know that if Broward County Florida did not exist, and its notorious CHAD system, then George W. Bush would have lost the 2000 Presidential Race to Al Gore.

Why is the US system of politics so corrupt and disgusting? Well, because in the history of the world no country has ever figured out a way to keep a human being from wanting more power or money once they get on a track to figuring out how to achieve it. If you are a man or woman, and you figure out the formula, well then suddenly there is a part of your brain that chases down that goal until you find yourself in a pine box.

There was a man named Abraham Lincoln, who somehow could feel himself being pulled in so many directions, that he would literally be agonizing over what decisions to make during the Civil War. He would have meetings, during which he would scream and rant. He would pace at night. His wife would have enormous bouts of depression. But the reason for all of this was because he was trying to stay balanced President in a country where the politics are enormously corrupt. But that is the problem. There has never been a fair system.

During the time of Julius Caesar, it seemed like the world might finally have a leader who could lead in all ways necessary to make his country strong and prosperous, while not kowtowing to either the liberal side of his political base or the conservative side. This system worked for several years, except as Caesar got more and more powerful, his senators became both jealous of this power and wary of what it could lead to. They were worried that eventually none of them could be him, and that at any given point he could have enough power to just have any of them killed at will with no chance of retribution from the public. So, one night they set a trap for him and killed him themselves.

Do you wonder why once public leaders start using other people’s money for their own interests, the lines get a little blurry? It is easy to see why. Free is…well…free. Free limos. Free food. Free ass-kissing. You get all of it. Until you are no longer useful. Then it is back on the farm with the horses and the pigs. No money, no limos, no champagne.

And that is why, people will do absolutely anything to get in office and stay there if they can, climbing until they lose or until they get tossed out for an indiscretion.

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