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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


“Oh, Johnny, you better work really hard in kindergarten. Memorize your A’s, B’s, and C’s. So, when you can get to be big and tall like your father, you can earn a good salary at a nice, steady, job!” That is cliché, right? It is an actual quite out of MY econ book from when I was a younger kid. I know that in some of what I have been writing about in these economics books has been eye-popping, or liver-gouging, maybe something you have never thought about before, but boy, the illusion of the powerful job has never changed. It has not changed since the first bigger man told the first smaller man to carry the heavier rock down to the quarry.

Listen guys, I wish I could tell you there really were jobs, but there are not. There is a hierarchy. That hierarchy is interesting if you delve into it. You know, the young college grad picks up some bucks, goes in 8 to 5, eventually gets to management, and eventually runs the company. So, there ya go, if that was what you wanted to hear, that was what you got. Incidentally, this story really has been peddled for…thousands of years. So, let us just throw it in the garbage can with the rest.

Okay, the only thing that will ever separate you from the man making more money than you, is your ability to play a game called row-sham-bow better than him. You must have more courage. You must be willing to stick your neck out, hit the bricks kid or you’re fired, or maybe get into a street fight with baseball bats, or nothing….if you really want to make more money than any other person on Earth. We can all do the same thing. This concept that doctors make the most, then lawyers, then everyone else…complete bullshit. The guys that make the most are the ones who just steal it. Now since we are in the year of 2019, let us call it outmaneuvering the competition.

So in today’s world, since I essentially live in something I have called the wasteland of what we thought would be Silicon Valley North (Sacramento), I am going to give you a little lesson on the wonderful game of Row-Sham-Bow.

There once were three kids. They were all walking down the sidewalk to the bus. One was named Kyle, one was named Eric, and one was named Kenny. Like every single kid on the face of the planet is well aware, some kids are born with money, some kids are born with the ability to kick the shit out of other kids, and some kids are fucked and get destroyed all the days of their lives. Well, in my scenario, Kyle has money, Eric is the bully, and Kenny gets hits by a lightning bolt everyday which sets him on fire then he subsequently dies.

One day these three kids decide that each one wants to make some money. They get together and arrange a business structure. Kyle will sweet talk the new customers. Eric will collect the money from the kids who are not paying fast enough. Kenny will do all the shitty work like move a rock from one side of the yard to the next till he gets hit by a lightning bolt, ignites, and dies. Well, the interesting thing about the story is that this is exactly how the profiles for every single worker in every single business operates.

There is the kid who can talk, the kid who can punch, and the kid who grinds. Now, some kids can do one, two, three, or none. Obviously the more of them you can have the ability to do, the better off you are, but if you can do none…well…

Good luck guys. This is a tough world.

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