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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


In the Wild West of the United States, during the 1800’s and 1900’s, it was standard for men to travel with a sidearm displayed. It was there so everyone would know they were protected. It was there so they would know they were protected. It may carry six bullets. If you had two guns, well then you had twelve bullets. If you shot well, and a group of bandits attacked you while you were riding through a canyon, you may come out alive. If you did not shoot well, or you did not have enough bullets, or maybe a stray arrow hit you through the neck, well then you were dead. End of story.

Well, now we have these things in the world called the industrialized military systems. That means we have corporations whose sole purposes are to support war. We have government contractors whose sole purpose is to move the weapons around the world. Then we have the politicians who decide when to buy and when to sell. Then we have the soldiers who are hired to fight in these wars. Then we have the citizens who get caught in the crossfire. Everything has become a little more complicated. Why? Well, I will explain.

In a man’s eye, if he is walking down a path, any man that is walking in his direction is a possible threat. So, he does not look down, lest he look like a coward. He does not look away, lest he lose track of where this other man is. He does not look into the sky, lest he lose track of the forward progress he must make to his next meal ticket. So, he is forced to at least “pass” this other man. Now the problem is, this other man is “forced” to run all these same “mental checks”.

So ever since the advent of two men on the same path in different directions, we have had these mental checks happening. Unfortunately, sometimes as our human brain developed, we were unable to make the calculations needed to avoid what would be considered “conflict” to women, but “normal” to men. The men may have a discussion. Then maybe that might become a heated argument. Then they may have a fistfight. Then the fistfight may end up in the other man getting knocked unconscious…or getting killed. The winner of the fight would almost always plunder whatever the dead man …or if the loser is lucky, unconscious, man…might have in his pockets. Then he would move on.

But as history moved forward, and as guys discovered more fun and cool ways to kill each other (and we do enjoy it), the groupings (or countries if you actually want to consider this mess we now have civilized) suddenly had things like hypersonic nuclear weapons that can move across an ocean in minutes and wipe out portions of a continent. Now why do we have this?

Because one man wanted what another man had and he was not patient enough, or courageous enough, or name or your adjective, to get it on his own merit.

Blow it out your ass God, because every single country since the Dawn of Time has used you as the scapegoat for this bullshit.

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